These are a few numbers you may find useful. The area code is 706.

Dial 911 for all emergency services  
E&N 374-4026 or 633-6381(cell) Water system
ETC Communications 276-2271 or 253-2271 Phone, internet and cable TV
  276-2281 or 253-2281 Repair
Gilmer County Sheriff 635-4162 non emergency
Ellijay Police 635-7430 non emergency
East Ellijay Police 276-3111 non emergency
Ellijay Fire Dept 636-4711 non emergency
Animal Control 635-2166  
Amicalola Electric 276-2362 Electric service
Ellijay Post Office 635-4356  
East Ellijay Post Office 635-4234  
Automobile Tags 635-4762  
Driver's License 635-1529  
Gilmer County Schools 276-5000  
Ellijay Library 635-4528  
Gilmer Recycling 635-3407  


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