NSA 2005 Slide Mounting Workshop

This workshop was originally given at an Atlanta Stereographic Association meeting. It was well received and I expanded it for the NSA convention. It is intended to help people learn to mount slides for projection. It is presented here as a "pdf" file that can be read with the Adobe PDF reader.

Slide Mounting for Projection 101 1.4meg "pdf"
Workshop handout 389kb "pdf" for screen viewing
Workshop handout 8.8meg "pdf" set up for printing on 8.5 x 14 paper

Some of the anaglyph images used in the workshop are hard to see in the reduced size used in the pdf file. The files below are high resolution versions of those files.


File Size and content
Near point set to bird  70kb - shows image mounted to the "window"
Near point set to plane  300kb - shows image with object in front of the "window"
Near point set to cloud  80kb - shows image with all objects at or in front of the "window"
Far point set to bird  89kb - shows images with all objects well behind the "window"
Vertical error  94kb - shows image with vertical mounting error
Rotational error  91kb - shows image with rotational mounting error
"Window" violation error  94kb - shows image with a "window violation" error

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