These are various 3D related files from my workshops and 3D related projects. I hope they will be useful. If you have any comments please let me know. I can be reached at:


An Introduction to Making Phantograms NSA2004 workshop
Mounting Slides for Projection 101 NSA2005 workshop
Making Modern Stereo Cards NSA2005 workshop
Making Stereo Cards Using StereoPhoto Maker NSA2006 workshop
Making Stereo Cards NSA2006 workshop

DVDs of some of the workshops are available from Greenhouse Productions.

Atlanta Stereographic Association
The Atlanta Stereographic Association, "ASA", is the center of 3D activity in Georgia. Anyone in the area interested in stereo photography should check out it's web site at:
3D Related Links
These are 3D related links that I find useful: 3D Links
NSA2009 Convention
The next National Stereoscopic Association convention will be held in Mesa, AZ: NSA2009
The 2006 National Stereoscopic Association convention was held in Miami.  Here are some photos and documents from the convention: NSA2006
The travel side of our web,, has some travel reports with 3D photos.
Here are a couple of holiday cards:  Holiday Cards



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