At the recent NSA convention in Portland I gave a workshop on making Phantograms and
promised people that I would make it available on the web. At the time I planned, and still
plan, on doing a real web site with extensive content on the subject. Things like history,
techniques for making them, links and examples. Unfortunately all that will take awhile
and I have received several emails from people looking for the presentation. So I am
putting up some preliminary information including the presentation.

An Introduction to Making Phantograms: This is the complete making Phantograms
presentation, the notes from the handout and some of questions asked after the workshop.

Patents: This is a write up, with complete ".pdf" copies, on the three patents relevant to
Phantograms that I have found.

Information: This page has general information, web links and books on Phantograms.

Files: These are useful files available for download.

Images: This a small selection of my images available for download.

If you need more information, you can wait until I have the real Phantogram web
up or Greenhouse Productions will be releasing a DVD of the NSA workshop.

I hope you will find this information helpful. If you have questions, please send me an

If you would like to help me...

I would like to put together a very complete site on Phantograms. I need information
on books illustrated with Phantograms, books written about them, information on
people who have made them and technology related to Phantograms. If you have any
information, please let me know. The information I have is presented on the "information"

Steve Hughes

Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff

3D Stuff NSA Workshop Information Patents