Phantogram Information

Phantogram Information

   "Process and Method of Effective Angular Levitation of Printed Images and the
   Resulting Product" A.J. Macy #1,592,034 filed Sept. 6,1924

   "Anaglyph and Method" Owen C. Western #6,389,236 filed Feb. 1,2000

   "Process for Making Stereoscopic Images Which Are Congruent With Viewer Space"
   Steve Aubrey #6,614,427 filed Feb. 1,2000 but claims from a previous filing on
   Feb. 1,1999.

These can be viewed on the US Patent Office web site: You
may need a special plug-in, innoVue, to view these. It can be found at InnoVue.

   "Constructing anaglyph images on Phantogram Perspective Charts" 1979 Raymond Nicyper
      Charts and instructions to help you hand draw Phantograms. It also includes some nice
      Phantogram illustrations.

   "Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry in 3-D" 1980 G.F. Pearce
       This is a book on descriptive geometry and engineering drawing illustrated with
       many nice Phantogram line drawings. Used copies can be found on the internet.

   "Stereo Photography" 1985 Fritz G. Waack DGPh AFIAP
        This book contains a chapter on drawing Phantograms complete with formulas
        and a discussion of the theory behind them. You can view it at the site.

   "Stereoscopic Drawing" 1990 Arthur N. Girling
        Excellent book on drawing stereo images. It contains a very complete chapter on
        drawing Phantograms and some Phantogram illustrations. It is available from
        Berezin Stereo Photography.

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   StereoPhoto Maker - This excellent program has tools for creating phantograms
   AnaBuilder - This program has excellent tools for creating phantograms.
   Phanto2 - This is a tutorial on using AnaBuilder to create phantograms. It's very nice!


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