Making Phantograms

NSA 2004 Phantogram Workshop

At the National Stereoscopic Association convention in Portland I gave a workshop
on making Phantograms. It was done in PowerPoint and well received.  I have
updated it to include the Steve Aubrey patent and added some slides to replace
the PhotoShop exercises. I have also exposed the "speakers notes" in the presentation
but not edited them. They are a little rough but contain some good information.

The entire workshop was recorded by Dennis Green of Greenhouse Productions and
is available as a DVD. To view the workshop presentation click here:

An Introduction to Making Phantograms "Power Point" version

An Introduction to Making Phantograms "PDF" version

Notes from the workshop handout

Questions from the workshop

Sample target files

After reading the Steve Aubrey patent, I believe it covers the method of making
Phantograms I call "perspective transformation" in the presentation. Anyone using
this technique to  make phantograms should contact Steve Aubrey about licensing

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