Workshop Notes (These are the notes from the workshop handout)

Phantograms have been discussed at length on the web and in articles. The web links below will help if you're interested in pursuing the topic. I have also included references to the two patents I know of relevant to Phantograms and a small list of useful books. Unfortunately, like so much 3D related material, most of them are out of print and must be searched for in used book stores.

If you know of other books on the subject or web sites or people making Phantograms, under whatever name, or historical references, please let me know. I am trying to compile an exhaustive reference site on the subject. My email is:

A version of this presentation will be posted on the Atlanta Stereographic Association web site,, in the near future.

Patents: A.J. Macy #1,592,034; Owen C. Western #6,389,236 these can be viewed on the US Patent Office web site: . Since the convention I have become aware of Steve Aubrey #6,614,427.

Constructing anaglyph images on Phantogram Perspective Charts, 1979 Raymond Nicyper
Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry in 3-D, 1980 G.F. Pearce
Stereo Photography , 1985 Fritz G. Waack DGPh AFIAP
Stereoscopic Drawing, 1990 Arthur N. Girling

Web Links: Owen C. Western Boris Storsta Achim Bahr Terry Wilson


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